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      About Speak Agent

      Speak Agent is the leading academic language learning platform for K-12 public schools. It boosts math and science outcomes by improving vocabulary, content knowledge, STEM communication and reasoning skills. Speak Agent, Inc. offers the Math+Language™ and Science+Language™ programs as part of our Content+Language™ and Multilingual High School™ course series. Learn more below:

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      Our Learning Model

      Our Strategies

      Curriculum Alignment

      Recommended Dosage



      Speak Agent activities integrate engaging learning tasks with authentic STEM content and research-based language learning strategies. Learn more below:

      Activities Overview:

      pdf-icon Speak Agent Activities

      Activity Guides:



      Speak Agent lessons include a set of activities that incorporate words and concepts from a math or science word list. Learn more below:

      Finding Lessons

      Previewing Lessons

      Personalizing Lessons

      Student Access to Assigned Lessons

      Printing Wordlists



      To get started, assign lessons to your classes and/or students. Learn more below:

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      Promo Image-Video Video: Archiving Assigned Lessons

      Assign a Lesson to a Class or Group

      Archiving v. Un-assigning Class Lessons

      Student Access to Assignments

      Approving Writing Assignments (Explain Your Work & Math Puzzles)


      Classes, Students, & Co-Teachers

      Speak Agent students are organized into class sections. We support co-taught classes, too. Learn more below:

      Where's My Roster?

      Co-Teacher Access

      Rename a Class Section

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      Getting Started

      If you're ready to introduce Speak Agent to your students, start here:

      Signing In

      Student Logins

      Change Your Password

      Navigating Your Dashboard

      Your First Speak Agent Lesson

      Implementation Ideas & Best Practices


      Portfolios & Reports

      Speak Agent collects and shares data about students' usage and progress. We even store students' written and spoken responses for your review. Learn more below:

      Tracking Assignment Progress

      Student Lesson Reports

      Student Portfolios

      New flag@2xClass Reports

      Promo Image-Video Reports for School Leaders

      For School Leaders: Saving & Printing Reports



      Students earn Speak Agent badges by completing learning tasks. Learn more below:

      Grades K-5: "Junior" Agents

      Grades 6-12: "Senior" Agents


      Technology & Troubleshooting

      Feeling stuck? Check out these FAQs and tech resources:

      Technology Resources

      pdf-icon Technology Requirements

      Clearing Your Cache to Switch Logins or Upgrade Versions


      How to my students find activities in a lesson?

      My lessons are missing. How do I find them?

      Math Puzzle Maker: How do I review students' puzzles?

      Story Spin: How do I start a whole-class writing activity?

      Why isn't my microphone working?

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