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trophy-icon_128x128 Awards, Competitions, and Product Certifications


2022Category Winner of Excellence in Equity: Best Support for English Learners

Equity & Access Magazine 2022 Excellence in Equity Awards (Feb. March Issue, page 65)


2022 - Finalist for the Tech Edvocate Awards Best Langauge Learning App or Tool


2021 – Learner Variability Certified Product


2021 – A Winner of the 2020-2021 Tools Competition: Mid-Range Prize


2020 – Research-Based Design Certified Product


2016 – A Winner of the NewSchools Ignite ELL Challenge


2015A Small Business Innovation Research awardee from these agencies:

National Science Foundation (NSF 1632488)
US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (ED-IES-15C0027)
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS 1R43ES031433-01)