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trophy-icon_128x128 Awards, Competitions, and Product Certifications

District Administration 2024 award logo

2024 Winner of District Administration's Top Ed Tech Products in the Curriculum and Instructional Technology Category (Startup)


2022Category Winner of Excellence in Equity: Best Support for English Learners

Equity & Access Magazine 2022 Excellence in Equity Awards (Feb. March Issue, page 65)


2022 - Finalist for the Tech Edvocate Awards Best Langauge Learning App or Tool


2021 – Learner Variability Certified Product


2021 – A Winner of the 2020-2021 Tools Competition: Mid-Range Prize


2020 – Research-Based Design Certified Product


2016 – A Winner of the NewSchools Ignite ELL Challenge


2015A Small Business Innovation Research awardee from these agencies:

National Science Foundation (NSF 1632488)
US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (ED-IES-15C0027)
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS 1R43ES031433-01)