Speak Agent Mobile App for Students


App Overview

The mobile app lets students do all of their Speak Agent work using an iPhone® or iPad®. It's part of our mission to be as accessible to as many students as we can!

  • The mobile app is free for all students enrolled in a licensed school.
  • There are no in-app purchases.
  • The app is 100% ad-free. We do not collect any personal information other than what is securely provided to us by your school.
  • Speak Agent is available through public school districts. It is not available for purchase by families.

App_Store_Badge (Clever integration supported on iOS!)

Google-Play-logo (Clever integration coming to Android this winter.)


Where do I find my login code or PIN?

You will only have a PIN or secret code if your school or district has purchased Speak Agent. Your teacher can provide your login information.

If your school uses Clever, you do not need a secret code or PIN. You will just use Clever to login.

How do I login with Clever?

Students have two options for using Clever:

  1. Open the Speak Agent Mobile app and press Login with Clever >

  2. Open the Clever app and then launch the Speak Agent app from inside Clever.   Clever-app-logo
    If you get a prompt to "open a page in Speak Agent," choose Open.
I logged in with Clever, but I can't see your app!

If you pressed Login with Clever > from inside our app, sometimes the App Store page will pop open and block your view. Just close the App Store popup and you should see the Speak Agent app underneath.

Will my progress in the mobile app show up in the web app?
Yes! The mobile and web apps share information. You can do part of a lesson on your phone and then finish it on the web. Or the other way around. If you share a device with a sibling or a friend, just make sure you sign out and sign in with the right account though!
Are all the activities in the mobile app?

Almost! The following activities are included:

  • Diagram It!
  • Explain Your Work
  • Level Up
  • Matching
  • Math Puzzle Maker
  • My Voice
  • Picture Pairs
  • Read Along
  • Scrambled Sentences
  • Scrambled Words
  • Tall Tales
  • Text
  • Video
  • Vocab Lab
  • Word Gallery

Your progress will sync up with your Speak Agent account across all the devices you use.

What mobile devices work with Speak Agent?
Speak Agent currently runs on iPhones and iPads running iOS 10 and above or Android 5.0 and up.
Does this app have any ads or in-app purchases?
Can I buy the Speak Agent app if I don't have a school login?
No. Speak Agent is licensed only to schools and public school districts. Please contact your school to see if they have a Speak Agent license.
How do I get help?
Check out our help page here →