The Language of Content

Articles from the Speak Agent team that provide classroom resources, implementation strategies, research-based perspectives, and updates regarding our Content+LanguageSM platform.

Platform Update - April 2024

The new version 3.5.3 makes a number of minor enhancements that improve the teaching and learning experiences with Speak Agent. Here are the details:

Math Literacy: Cornerstone of the Standards for Mathematical Practice

All learners need Math Literacy because it is a priority 21st century skillset that includes the ability to comprehend, contextualize, and communicate mathematical information, problems, and thinking. Without this skillset, a learner may have...

Platform Update - October 2023

The new version 3.5.0 completes a long list of new accessibility features and also adds a new type of learning activity to Speak Agent! Here are the details:

What Can We Do About Declining Math Scores?

The latest math scores from the NAEP Long-Term Trends assessment are a call to action for us all. We write this as a team of educators and parents who feel that this news demands a response. This article will (1) explore the implications of the NAEP...

6 Summer Books for Educators to Read

Summer vacation is here! As an educator, you’re surely excited for some much-needed rest and relaxation after a busy school year and hectic testing season. Over summer break, you may have big plans, like going on vacation, spending time with family,...

June Holidays: Celebrating Freedom, Equity, and Empathy

June brings a sense of celebration and commemoration: the end of the school year, the summer solstice, and three important holidays: Pride Month, Juneteenth, and World Refugee Day. These holidays honor the struggles, experiences, and triumphs of...

Platform Update - June 2023

Your friends at Speak Agent are working hard this summer to deliver more improvements! In fact, today we released version 3.4.0, which adds many enhancements that teachers and students have put on their wish lists! 

Three Summer Activities to Support Language Development for ELLs

While finding ways to rest and recharge over the summer is important, summer break also opens up some time for educational activities and enrichment that can help support students’ learning and language development without the pressures of the...

Making STEM Accessible for ELLs

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are some of the most important subjects that students will learn in school to unlock opportunities in college and their future careers. With STEM occupations projected to grow nearly 11% by...

What’s in the New CGCS Framework for English Learners?

In April, the Council of the Great City Schools published A Framework for Foundational Literacy Skills Instruction for English Learners to share best practices for teaching ELs of all grade levels. The framework synthesizes the latest research in...

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