Middle School Math impact research study

EFFECTIVE: 10% Higher Math Scores

How did a top-20 district achieve 10% higher standardized test scores for middle graders who used Speak Agent Math+Language?
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Engaging middle school students in math

ENGAGING: #1 Choice of Students

Why did 72% of middle school students (N=2,497) report that Speak Agent is their top tool for learning math and science?
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District Administration 2024 award logo

BEST: #1 Edtech Curriculum Startup of 2024

Why did District Administration choose Speak Agent as the top Curriculum & Instructional Technology startup for Top Edtech Products of 2024? Because we customize to seamlessly fit your curriculum!
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Light up a teacher's day

EASY: 7 Ways We Lighten a Teacher's Day

How does Speak Agent increase teacher effectiveness while cutting down on busywork and daily headaches?
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How Speak Agent Works — in One Minute:


Resources for Educators

Universal design and accessibility icon

Guide to Accessibility and Language Supports

The guide provides a walkthrough of Speak Agent's many learning supports for students with disabilities and ELs by feature and by IDEA category.
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Research-based language strategies

Content+Language Strategies

Free classroom-ready PDF resource packs for content and language integration in math and science.
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Excellence in Equity award logo

#1 Support for Multilingual & BIPOC Learners

Why did Speak Agent win the Excellence in Equity award for supporting the 95% of learners we support who are BIPOC, multilingual, and/or experience poverty?
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STEM Hall of Fame

Belonging and Identity in Math & Science

Hall of Fame lessons featuring diverse STEM leaders to celebrate heritage months and historically underrepresented communities. Available to all licensed schools.
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