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New Products Make Speak Agent More Affordable

July 15, 2020 | Dan LaFountain |

Until now, Speak Agent has been best known as a provider of custom ESL and STEM supplemental programs. Customization has enabled us to meet highly specific curricular needs. It has, however, put Speak Agent out of reach for many school budgets. While we continue to offer customization services, we now also offer a more affordable option: pre-built supplemental products (listed below).

Speak Agent configures each product to meet your specific needs. You may pick and choose which lesson modules to deploy and when to deploy them. We sequence and name each module to fit your curriculum so that it's easy for classroom teachers to know exactly when and how to use them. Speak Agent, a WIDA-correlated platform, can also configure the level of texts based on the language proficiency level of your student population. All Speak Agent products embed research-based learning supports to maximize accessibility and to aid English Learners. All products also align to CCSS/NGSS and TEKS.

Here is our current product lineup for the 2020-2021 school year:


math Speak Agent Math develops math concept knowledge and communication skills, from basic operations through algebra, geometry, and statistics.

Math K-5 Overview
Math 6-8 Overview
Algebra for ELs Overview


scienceSpeak Agent Science integrates academic language with physical and life sciences content such as biology, ecology, and geology, helping students to learn complex new concepts.

Science K-5 Overview
Science 6-8: Coming this Winter

Bilingual STEM

earthSpeak Agent supplements early-exit bilingual and dual-language math and science for lower elementary grades.

Bilingual STEM K-2

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Dan LaFountain

Written by Dan LaFountain

Dan is Chief Learning Officer at Speak Agent, Inc. As a STEM and ELL teacher with 22 years in edtech curriculum development, Dan was integral to the launch of LEGO Mindstorms and the LEGO Education brand. He co-founded Speak Agent to address the achievement gap for marginalized learners, pioneering a unique Content+Language integration approach based on current Learning Sciences research.