Speak Agent Gives You the Tools to Implement Elementary Math Teaching Best Practices Using Academic Language

Math+Language K-5 is both a teaching tool and a platform for student engagement. It helps students to master key academic concepts and to develop critical math communication and reasoning skills. It adds listening, speaking, reading, writing, and visual supports that are missing pieces in this new world of distance learning. How? By seamlessly integrating multimodal academic language activities, real-world math stories, reading and writing scaffolds, and tools for students to create and share their own math problems. All Speak Agent content aligns with your existing elementary math curriculum. It's easy to implement and has been shown to be impactful with a dosage of as little as 30 minutes per week.

Modules and Standards

Math+Language K-5 consists of easy-to-implement modules that can be aligned to fit your scope, sequence, and pacing.

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Program Support

Speak Agent supports ESL, Title I, dual-language, and multi-language math programs. It is optimized for English Learners and other marginalized learners. It uses research-based, multimodal instructional strategies to help students make connections to background knowledge, master complex concepts, and acquire the language needed for self-expression. Students improve their ability to communicate both verbally and in writing with precision and confidence.