Learning Supports for Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing

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This page provides concrete examples of how Speak Agent embeds supports for listening, speaking, reading, and writing throughout the platform. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive and we are always adding to it.


Text-to-Speech Narration


Text-to-speech is everywhere in Speak Agent. Students can access audio playback at any time for all instructions, stories, answer choices, hints, words, sentences, and even student-created content. Students may choose from five audio playback speeds. In addition, all text is screen reader-compatible. By converting text into audio, the feature aids English Learners, emergent readers, and students with dyslexia and other reading disorders.

Listening Embedded into Activities


Listening is embedded in many activities in Speak Agent either as an explicit task, as reinforcement, and/or as a student-activated support. This video shows one example of a sentence processing activity called Scrambled Sentences. In this activity, students first listen to a brief story. Then they piece the story back together one sentence at a time. At each stage they listen to the sentences that they solve and the story parts that they recreate. Speak Agent includes a similar activity for word parts (e.g, syllables and affixes) that supports younger grades and newcomer ELLs.


Verbal Repetition


In My Voice, students listen and repeat words, phrases or sentences. This strategy helps move knowledge from short-term to long-term memory and also builds phonological and morphological awareness. Students are provided with three "takes" and may then pick their favorite take to share with a teacher. The favorite take is also stored in the student's digital portfolio. This activity can be done with a partner. 

Describing Diagrams and Images


In this activity, students describe the elements of diagrams, process steps, life cycles, maps, models, and other types of visual representations. All voice recordings are stored in the student's digital portfolio.

Open-Ended Questions


Here's an example of an open-ended question where students can record their ideas. All voice recordings are stored in the student's digital portfolio.

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Instant Translation



All Speak Agent activities allow for instant translation at any point during the activity into well over 100 languages! The translation supports all of the visual reading aids in Speak Agent, including text magnification, dimming, highlighting, bolded keywords, and more.


Interactive Word Walls

All Speak Agent lesson modules include a Word Gallery. This is a visual learner's dictionary customized for a specific unit of study. Students may navigate through the words and images at their own pace and listen to narrations. Each word includes a brief learner's definition. Some images also include a caption to provide context for how the word may be applied.

Text Magnification


Speak Agent provides seven different text sizes. These are present in every type of story-based activity on the platform. Students can choose the text size that best fits their needs with a single press or click. They may adjust the size at any time on any page.

Lights Out (Dimming)


Lights Out is a visual reading aid that dims the entire screen except for the specific area being read. This helps students who have vision needs and can also help students to focus attention on the text. To exit Lights Out mode, the reader simply clicks or taps anywhere on the screen.



Students may highlight any text they wish in any of four primary colors. This strategy supports tracking when reading. Readers can also use highlighting to categorize things like textual elements, literary techniques, and trouble words.

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Sentence Frames and Writing Models


Sentence frames and writing models provide scaffolds for students to improve academic writing. 

Visual Word Banks

All writing activities in Speak Agent embed a visual word bank based on that unit's specific word wall words. Students simply press on a visual and the text inserts into their writing area. This supports English Learners or any student with an academic vocabulary deficit. All writing samples are stored in the student's digital portfolio.

Immediate Feedback on Writing

Speak Agent provides feedback on writing in three modes: teacher feedback, classmate edits and ratings, and self-check against a writing model. These varied modes help students to reflect on and improve writing, as well as interpersonal communication. It is embedded in several different collaborative activities, including Explain Your Work, Math Puzzle Maker, Story Spin, and Word Spin, and will be part of future activities as well!

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