Product Update - June 2018

The new Speak Agent version 1.3.8 includes many long-awaited goodies. Here are the highlights:

Speak Agent Pricing for SY2018-19

Speak Agent pricing has two main components: (1) an annual license cost per student and (2) a one-time cost to custom-develop interactive digital lessons that align to a school system's curriculum. The second component is optional but strongly recommended for...

April 12, 2018 | Dan LaFountain | Company News

Product Update - April 2018

Based on teacher requests, we added a few new features and enhancements in our April 2018 release (v1.2.5):

Speak Agent for Secondary Grades Now Available!

Speak Agent is now available in two different versions for Primary and Secondary grades. The new Secondary solution provides a customizable teaching and learning tool for middle and high school math, science, social studies, and language arts, as well as...

NSF Study Finds Speak Agent Improves Science Vocabulary

Research Design

A National Science Foundation-funded study found significant gains in science concept knowledge using Speak Agent's game-based learning program after just a few hours of classroom use. Four second-grade classes and two third-grade classes at...

Visit us at the WIDA 2017 Annual Conference

We're excited to share our new academic language learning games, new product features, and new WIDA correlation at the WIDA 2017 Annual Conference, Oct. 16-18. The fact that Florida is hosting WIDA this year is special for us. In the past two months we made...

October 16, 2017 | Dan LaFountain | Events, Company News

The Story Behind Tall Tales

I walked into the MediaBarn User Experience Lab thinking that I knew exactly how the first, second, and third-grade students would use our new learning game prototype. "Tall Tales" is a Mad Libs™-style cloze activity where kids fill in the blanks by selecting...

Speak Agent "Pro" Now Available

The Speak Agent team worked hard over the summer to make your teaching experience even better by adding new academic language learning games and new features. These new games and features will be available for customers who upgrade to Speak Agent Pro, which...

September 08, 2017 | Dan LaFountain | Company News

The Story Behind Scrambled Sentences

Outside South Lake Elementary School in mid-February, snow was still piled high atop grassy medians and street corners. Inside, kids raced, hopped, spun, and meandered around the warm cafeteria. It was pizza time! This was my first visit to Dream Academy's...

EdTech Innovation Showcase leads to Pilot Partnership with Sylvan Learning

The following is a lightly edited excerpt of an August 29, 2017 blog post made by David Cross of the Towson University Incubator. Find the original here.

August 30, 2017 | Dan LaFountain | Events, Company News