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An Update for our Partners

March 12, 2023 | Ben Grimley |

In light of the extraordinary events of last week in the technology industry, I wanted to let all of our school district partners and stakeholders know that the services provided by Speak Agent, Inc. will be unaffected by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank on March 10, 2023.

An Independent Company

Speak Agent, Inc. is an independent founder-owned and founder-operated company that has no venture loans and no deposits with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). 

No Known Impact on Critical Systems

We have inventoried our critical systems and found that our core service providers have adequate deposits and/or credit facilities outside of SVB to maintain our technology/hosting operations without interruption.

Why Does Independence Matter?

You might also be wondering: What are the implications of working with a founder-owned and founder-operated company?

First off, there is no parent company, no hedge fund, and no venture capitalists demanding a return on investment. This allows us to focus on the mission and to reinvest every dollar to improve the quality of our services.

Without financial pressure from short-term investors, we can be more fiscally conservative than many startups. We hire when we can afford to hire. We invest in things our partners need, rather than in speculative technologies. And we keep all operations, data, and staff 100% based in the USA.

Most importantly, since the company is solely funded by school district partners who purchase our products and services, we are not beholden to anyone but you. We are accountable only to your school board, staff, teachers, learners, and families.


If you have any questions regarding this statement, please contact your Partner Success Manager.

Ben Grimley

Written by Ben Grimley

Ben is CEO and Co-Founder of Speak Agent, Inc.