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Speak Agent for Secondary Grades Now Available!

April 05, 2018 | Katie Cunningham |

Speak Agent is now available in two different versions for Primary and Secondary grades. The new Secondary solution provides a customizable teaching and learning tool for middle and high school math, science, social studies, and language arts, as well as specialized career and technical education. Like the Primary version, it also supports dual-language programs.

The Secondary version includes these modifications for the student experience:

  • A 4-digit PIN replaces the icon-based "secret code" used by Primary students.
  • A new student dashboard enables learners to quickly continue where they left off.
  • Secondary students can filter assigned digital lessons by subject area.
  • Assigned lessons and completed lessons display in separate views, so it's easier to keep track and know what to practice.
  • Aged-up interfaces for the learning games and activities better engage young adults. (As with the Primary version, leveling is based on the content itself, which aligns to each school system's curriculum and standards.)

Below is an example of the new navigation experience, where Secondary students can filter their assignments by subject:


Teacher Access

Teachers and administrators now have access to BOTH Primary and Secondary versions through their existing Speak Agent accounts. Use the "Student Preview" command for a digital lesson to see what it will look like in Primary vs. Secondary interfaces. They can change the interface selection for each individual student. (By default, grades 6 & up receive the Secondary interface.)

The New Sign In Process

Here is what the new Sign In page looks like at


  • Students using the Primary version (with a "secret code") should choose the lefthand box with the young detective.
  • Students using the Secondary version (with a 4-digit PIN) should choose the middle box with the backpack.
  • Teachers sign in with an email and password using the righthand box.

Rollout to Existing Accounts

All students identified as grades 6 or higher have been automatically upgraded to the new Secondary interface. Their icon-based secret codes have been replaced with 4-digit PINs. All existing customers with Secondary students have received a communication with the replacement PINs. If you did not receive this and are experiencing issues, please contact or call your account manager!

High school photo courtesy of WestportWiki (CC-BY-SA 3.0).

Katie Cunningham

Written by Katie Cunningham

Katie is CTO and Co-Founder of Speak Agent, Inc. A leading expert in the Python programming language, Katie designed the Speak Agent architecture and wrote the very first line of code for the current platform. She is an accomplished technical author and keynote speaker worldwide, as well as a leader of the Washington DC chapter of PyLadies, an organization dedicated to training women in Python.