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Product Update - July 2021

July 16, 2021 | Katie Cunningham |

The new desktop version 2.3.1 fixes a whole lot of niggling bugs and issues prior to the start of the new school year. It also includes some helpful feature enhancements. Recent upgrades to the mobile app may be found here.

Enhancements to Science Notebook

  • Added a requirement for students to share their Science Notebook research planning step with their teacher and get approval before carrying out their plan.
  • Added new logic to require minimum content at each step of completing a Science Notebook.
  • Fixed an issue with Science Notebook not loading correctly in teacher preview.
  • Added Science Notebook to the writing submissions Inbox for teachers. You can now see research plan submissions as well as final report submissions and provide immediate feedback.

    Shown below: An alert you will see when a new Science Notebook submission is awaiting your review.


Bug Fixes for Students

  • Fixed an issue with the Read Along audio narration button.
  • Fixed an issue with the ordering of activities in lessons for middle-grade students.
  • Fixed a bug in Diagram It! where the volume meter did not animate during voice recording.
  • Added badges for the latest new activities such as Math Puzzle Maker and Science Notebook.

Fixes and Enhancements for Teachers

  • Improved the display of Lesson Reports to make time formatting clearer.
  • Added links to missing Read Along portfolio items.
  • Fixed an issue where Wordlists owned by the school district were not accessible to certain teachers in that district.

What's Next?

  • Coming in August:
    • New courses for entering/beginning-level ELL & SLIFE students. Learn more here >
    • New self-paced digital modules to supplement our PD webinars.
  • Planned for September:
    • New class-level report.
  • Planned for October:
    • An updated dashboard for secondary students that highlights their progress.
Katie Cunningham

Written by Katie Cunningham

Katie is CTO and Co-Founder of Speak Agent, Inc. A leading expert in the Python programming language, Katie designed the Speak Agent architecture and wrote the very first line of code for the current platform. She is an accomplished technical author and keynote speaker worldwide, as well as a leader of the Washington DC chapter of PyLadies, an organization dedicated to training women in Python.