Bring Your Newcomers Up to Grade Level in Math & Science

Speak Agent for Newcomers is a supplemental academic language learning program for Newcomer ELL and SLIFE students. It supplements math and science courses at secondary grade levels that are required for graduation.

This spiral learning program consists of independent practice activities and teaching tools designed to accelerate mastery of key STEM concepts and content knowledge, math & science modeling and reasoning skills, and STEM communication for Newcomer ELL and SLIFE students. The academic language is content-based and aligned to CCSS, NGSS, WIDA, and TEKS. It can be aligned to your state standards. 

Each digital module spirals in a 3-step learning progression: (1) uses visual aids to introduce key concepts and foundational vocabulary and engage students in listening, speaking, and morphology practice; (2) uses simplified but age-appropriate, interactive stories, texts, and videos to build background knowledge and make connections to the real world; and (3) uses reading and writing activities with leveled, accessible texts to deepen content knowledge and demonstrate reasoning. Throughout this process, Newcomer ELL students have tools to express their ideas and answers not only in writing, but also by speaking or by creating visuals such as drawing and labeling.

Watch a Demo: