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Product Update - August 2021

August 24, 2021 | Katie Cunningham |

The new desktop version 2.4.2 adds a long-anticipated feature: class-level reports! There are also other helpful changes.

New Professional Learning Opportunities

Our new PD courses with hands-on workshops are finally here! Please see the Speak Agent Academy page for details on the new offerings.

Class Reports — Aggregated Data View

The new class-level lesson report aggregates learning progress data for all students in a class section in a single view. From here you may see activity completions, scores, and access relevant portfolio items. Many teachers have pushed for this feature. Yes, we are listening!
See this Knowledge Base article for how to access the new feature.

Easier to Assign Lessons

assign-new-webNow you have a convenient new option for assigning lessons: Just open ANY lesson and press either Assign to Classes or Assign to Students. You can still manage assignments from a student or class page. This is just an additional option for if you want to quickly assign a single lesson. You do not need to copy the lesson to do it!

Student Self-Monitoring

The new Home page for secondary students shows their Speak Agent learning statistics for easy tracking.dashboard-new-web

New Student Help Page

Find the new page at

What's Next?

  • Planned for this fall:
    • Android phone & tablet support.
    • Much, much more to come!
Katie Cunningham

Written by Katie Cunningham

Katie is CTO and Co-Founder of Speak Agent, Inc. A leading expert in the Python programming language, Katie designed the Speak Agent architecture and wrote the very first line of code for the current platform. She is an accomplished technical author and keynote speaker worldwide, as well as a leader of the Washington DC chapter of PyLadies, an organization dedicated to training women in Python.