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Visit us at the WIDA 2017 Annual Conference

October 16, 2017 | Dan LaFountain |

We're excited to share our new academic language learning games, new product features, and new WIDA correlation at the WIDA 2017 Annual Conference, Oct. 16-18. The fact that Florida is hosting WIDA this year is special for us. In the past two months we made two trips to the east coast of the state and one to the west coast to visit with school districts, friends, and family. The first visit was pre-Irma in August and the second only two weeks after Irma. We were amazed at the outstanding resilience of the Florida communities on both coasts. We especially laud the many affected districts and educators who are moving forward on all cylinders after the disruption of losing many school days, even suffering damage to buildings and homes. Thank you to everyone who has kept Florida's schools running!


Dan LaFountain

Written by Dan LaFountain

Dan is Chief Learning Officer at Speak Agent, Inc. As a STEM and ELL teacher with 22 years in edtech curriculum development, Dan was integral to the launch of LEGO Mindstorms and the LEGO Education brand. He co-founded Speak Agent to address the achievement gap for marginalized learners, pioneering a unique Content+Language integration approach based on current Learning Sciences research.