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Speak Agent iPhone & iPad App Now on Clever

February 08, 2021 | Ben Grimley |

Today we're announcing a major upgrade to the Speak Agent mobile app for students. It adds access to Clever and expands the number of activities available on iPhones® or iPads®. Hope you like it!

How Do I Use Clever to Login?

  1. You can download and install the Speak Agent mobile app for iPhone or iPad.
  2. You can log into your Clever app and find Speak Agent. After you press our app icon, you may get this prompt. If you do, choose Open.
  3. You can also login from inside the Speak Agent app. Just press the Login with Clever link in the top-right corner. You will need to search for your school's name before logging in.
  4. Sometimes when you login for the first time, the App Store page will pop open and block your view of our app. Just close the App Store and you should see the Speak Agent app underneath.

What Else Is New in the App?

We added three more Speak Agent activities to the mobile app:

  • Read Along
  • Scrambled Sentences
  • Scrambles Words

This means now you can get 75% to 100% of your work done on mobile, depending on which activities are in the lesson.

Can I Still Use the Web Version?

You bet! You can even use the web version on tablets (iPads or Android) without installing anything. We just think you'll have a better learning experience on the iPad app.

What About Android?

We're working next on an Android phone app. Stay tuned!

Where Can I Learn More?

Visit our Mobile FAQ page.


Ben Grimley

Written by Ben Grimley

Ben is CEO and Co-Founder of Speak Agent, Inc.