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Close the ELL Gap Before WIDA and TELPAS Testing

October 31, 2019 | Dan LaFountain |

NAEP-2019-scoresWIDA ACCESS test scores in many states dropped again in May 2019. Now the latest NAEP Math and Reading scores are also showing stagnation or slight downturns. The 2020 testing window will soon be upon us. Now is the time to act and make a difference!

What Can I Do?

Logo-NSFThe solution is to pilot a proven-effective, research-based solution that can get results now—before the testing window. And Speak Agent fits the bill. It's a WIDA and TEKS-correlated program that triples the rate of mastering key Math, Reading, and Science concepts. These results were achieved in less than 3 months with just 30 minutes per week of use. The results were found in an independent multi-phase National Science Foundation study in both Texas (TEKS) and Maryland (WIDA) that met all ESSA research criteria.

What Is the Pilot Program?

My Voice activity screenThe Speak Agent pilot program gets you measurable outcomes in 90 days for as many students (both ELL and non-ELL) in your pilot school as you like. It gives you interactive, digital lessons that deliver strong listening, speaking, dialogic reading, and scaffolded writing components. Each lesson is tailored to fit your existing curriculum in Math, Reading, or Science. (You can choose any one of our modular toolkit products to pilot.) This deeply engaging program integrates language and content to get you the results you need!

In addition, the pilot includes professional development in best practices and academic language strategies. This can benefit not only your ESL teachers, but also content area teachers. The pilot also comes with unlimited 1:1 online coaching on-demand. This is a program that gives your talented teachers the tools and training to be more effective and start closing the gap!

Who Do I Call?


Call me at (202) 375-9572. Write me at Or schedule a time using my online calendar.



Dan LaFountain

Written by Dan LaFountain

Dan is Chief Learning Officer at Speak Agent, Inc. As a STEM and ELL teacher with 22 years in edtech curriculum development, Dan was integral to the launch of LEGO Mindstorms and the LEGO Education brand. He co-founded Speak Agent to address the achievement gap for marginalized learners, pioneering a unique Content+Language integration approach based on current Learning Sciences research.