Product Update - April 2020

April 08, 2020 | Katie Cunningham |

Speak Agent version 1.11.1 adds improvements requested by our customers,  fixes several bugs and issues, and introduces a new STEM activity!

Diagram It!

Please welcome our newest Speak Agent activity, Diagram It! This activity is great for STEM subjects. Students can review labeled diagrams, add labels, check for accuracy, and/or describe how they think the diagram works by writing or speaking. Speak Agent Math and Science products already incorporate Diagram It! into lessons.


Scrambled Sentences Audio

For elementary grades, we added an audio button for each scrambled sentence puzzle. Students can press the audio button to hear the correct, complete sentence narrated. This better integrates listening and sentence processing so that students focus on solving the puzzle, as opposed to guessing.

Morphology activity

Username Display

For elementary grades, the student's username now displays in the upper-right corner. This is important on shared devices so that students (and supervising adults) can be sure they are signed into the correct account.


Activity Numbering

Previously, when students completed an activity it would be moved to the end of the lesson. This caused all the activities to be renumbered. We learned this threw many teachers off, because they'd tell students to work on activity #3, but different students saw different numbers. Doh! This was not our smartest design decision ever... But we're happy to report that we've made amends! As you can see from the screenshot below, completed activities now stay in position and the numbers no longer change.


Word Spin Saving and Previewing

The Word Spin activity now remembers a student's progress without having to press a Save button. In addition, we fixed a bug where some teachers were not seeing the spinner load during Preview.

Editing in Word Spin

Explain Your Work Fixes

We fixed various display and audio issues, such as unwanted line breaks and missing instructional audio in the Safari web browser.

Coming Soon

We are now beta testing two new activities for Math and Reading:

  • Math Puzzle Maker will enable students to create word problems and other math puzzles for their peers in grades 3 to 8.
  • Scrambled Words is a morphology activity that's perfect for emerging and struggling readers. It breaks words (and compound words) into "chunks" (syllables and affixes) that students reassemble.

We can't wait to share these new activities with you later this spring!

listen-smAs always, if you have ideas about how we can improve Speak Agent, please contact us. 
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