Speak Agent Badges... Collect Them All!

July 30, 2019 | Ben Grimley |

Ever since we launched Speak Agent, elementary students have been asking us "When are we going to be able to win some cool Speak Agent badges?" Well, the answer is "NOW!"

How Does Badging Work in Speak Agent?

Each Speak Agent badge is one-of-a-kind, meaning that a student may only win each badge once. Some are easy to win. Some are tough as nails. Some you can only get by playing a certain game or activity. You will find that each badge is tied to a specific learning objective. The goal is to celebrate effort and achievement in a way that is satisfying and yet helps students make the connection with new knowledge and skills they've acquired.

So why not points, coins, or virtual pets? In a nutshell, we aim to keep students focused on learning. In systems with points or coins, students spend a lot of time gaming the system, trying to milk it for more points and coins. Since you can only earn a Speak Agent badge once, students won't waste time gaming our system. Moreover, with points and coins, students spend time buying virtual items with their points and coins. Again, this takes time away from learning. Our badging system gives students a way to celebrate success and hard work without either of these distractions.

We also tell students why they won a badge. Research has found this to be effective in motivating students to learn more. We try to do this in a fun way that young students can relate to. Below is one example.


Pop Star - To win this badge you must make 50 voice recordings.


Pop Star - A true Speak Agent isn't afraid to speak new words out loud. You've recorded 50 words!


Lab Wizard - So, you've cracked our secret word formulas. Not bad, Agent, not bad.

Where Do Students Find the Badges?

When elementary students sign in, they'll see a new "Badges" menu item on the top-right of their screen. Selecting this will go to the Badges page, where it lists all the possible badges they can win—and how to win them. Whenever a badge is awarded, the student will receive a notification in the top-right corner of the screen.

Can I See Badges In My Teacher Account?

You can see a new Leaderboard tab for each class that shows how many badges each student has won. You can choose to share this information with the class. Or not.

What About Secondary Students? Will They Get Badges, Too?

Absolutely! Once we've gained enough data insights for the elementary experience we intend to design a more mature badging experience for older students.

Ben Grimley is CEO and Co-Founder of Speak Agent, Inc.

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