Welcome to Our Summer STEM Fellow!

July 23, 2019 | Ben Grimley |

A warm welcome to Jaclynn Emig, our new summer STEM Fellow! Jaclynn is First Grade Teacher at Drew Model School in Arlington Public Schools, Virginia. She joins us thanks to the generous support of the 2019 Arlington Community Foundation (ACF) STEM Workforce Development Teacher Fellowship.

Drew Model School serves a large population of low-income students. They are curious and eager to learn about STEM fields, but lack accessible role models. Jaclynn's goal is to make connections, gain STEM workplace experience, and then transfer that into her teaching. Our goal is to help Jaclynn become immersed in how innovators and technologists think, design, and operate. But as a learning organization we also hope to learn from her! We're particularly excited to gain more insight into the "teacher as facilitator" model that is replacing the traditional "sage on a stage" approach. It's hard to implement, but actually far more analogous to the way R&D and innovation works!

We're grateful to ACF for making this possible and hope to offer this kind of opportunity again next summer!

Ben Grimley is CEO and Co-Founder of Speak Agent, Inc.

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