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We are so excited to partner with you to support science teaching for grades 2 to 5. Speak Agent is a digital supplemental program for all learners, including multilingual learners (ELLs). It integrates your TEKS-aligned science content together with research-based activities across all six communication modes so that students acquire the language and concepts they need to succeed. One unique aspect of Speak Agent is that it has been tailored specifically for the SISD curriculum. That means you will find the digital resources line up with your IFDs.

PD Materials

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Our Knowledge Base also links off to many topics of interest. There is no longer any password needed for access.

Year at a Glance

Science 2

  • Unit 01: Matter 2.5A, 2.5B, 2.5C
  • Unit 02: Force and Motion 2.6A, 2.6B
  • Unit 03: Earth Materials 2.7B, 2.7C
  • Unit 04: Weather Safety 2.8B
  • Unit 05: Weather Patterns 2.8A, 2.3C
  • Unit 06: The Water Cycle 2.8C
  • Unit 07: Observing the Sky 2.8D
  • Unit 08: Characteristics of Organisms 2.9A, 2.10A, 2.10B
  • Unit 09: Organisms and Their Environments 2.9B, 2.9C, 2.10C

View the Science 3-5 standards here.

Science 3

Science 4

  • Unit 00: Processes for Scientific Investigations
  • Unit 01: Investigating Physical Properties of Matter
  • Unit 02: Investigating Mixtures
  • Unit 03: Investigating Energy
  • Unit 04: Investigating Force and Motion
  • Unit 05: Investigating Natural Resources
  • Unit 06: Investigating the Changing Earth
  • Unit 07: Investigating Weather and the Water Cycle
  • Unit 08: Investigating Patterns of the Sun, Earth, and Moon System
  • Unit 09: Investigating Energy Flow in Living Systems
  • Unit 10: Investigating Structures and Behaviors of Organisms
  • Unit 11: Investigating Life Cycles

Science 5

  • Unit 01: Investigating Physical Properties of Matter
  • Unit 02: Investigating Forms of Energy
  • Unit 03: Investigating Forces
  • Unit 04: Investigating Earth's Changes
  • Unit 05: Investigating Water and Weather Patterns
  • Unit 06: Investigating Sun, Earth, and Moon Systems
  • Unit 07: Investigating Ecosystem Interactions
  • Unit 08: Investigating Structures and Behaviors of Organisms
  • Unit 09: Investigating Fossils and Environments
  • Unit 10: Student-Designed Investigations