Preview a Lesson or Activity


You'd like to see what's in a specific lesson or activity in order to prepare for class or you'd like to run a teacher-led activity for the whole class (whether online or in person).


The preview feature allows you to run any lesson or activity directly from your computer.

  1. Sign into Speak Agent and click the Lessons menu item on the left-hand side. 
  2. Make sure you are on the Organization Lessons tab if you are looking for a curriculum-aligned lesson provided to your school district. Learn more about finding a lesson here.
  3. Click on a lesson and you will see a page showing the activities in that lesson in the recommended sequence. Example:
  4. Now click on a Preview link. Use "Junior" for grades K-5 and "Senior" for grades 6 & up. You can preview the whole lesson using the link right under the lesson name, or you can preview an individual activity as well.
  5. You will see the lesson as students see it. ("Senior Agent" view shown below.) Now you can run any activity from here without Speak Agent collecting any student progress data.

badge-70x70_super_sleuthMission accomplished!