Where's My Class Roster?


You are looking for your class rosters or need to adjust the rosters.

Steps for Rostering:

  1. Click Classes & Students in the left-side menu.
    Classes and Students menu
  2. In a typical implementation, you will already have your class sections displaying in the table like below. Normally you should not had to add or manage your own classes.
  3. You can click any class to see the current student roster and progress toward completion of assignments. If the roster is incorrect, your best bet is to contact Speak Agent support.
  4. Most school districts automate sharing of class roster changes with Speak Agent. If you are in a school or afterschool program where that is not the case, you can manage your own roster. Press Manage Class Roster to add existing students to the class. Check the boxes for students you want in this class. Students can be in two classes at once. (In this case they will receive assignments from both classes — be aware of that!) You can search the roster in this dialog using Ctrl+F (on a PC) or Cmd+F (on a Mac).
  5. Press Create and Add Students to add a student who is not yet in the database.
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