Your First Speak Agent Lesson


If you are preparing to teach your very first Speak Agent lesson, read on!


  1. Choose the lesson you plan to teach. In most Speak Agent implementation, the lessons will be named and sequenced according to your school district's curriculum.
  2. Preview the lesson and choose the activity you'd like to start with. Lessons are provided with a recommended order, but you may good in any order you prefer. "Junior Agent" is for grades K-5 and "Senior Agent" is for grades 6 & up.preview-lesson
  3. Take a look at the activity guides to get some background on how to best use each type of activity. 
  4. If your school district has a custom webpage on, there may be additional getting started details that are specific to your district. (You would have received this information in your PD/training.) For example, it may include lesson vocabulary lists and answer keys.

Class Time:

  1. Start by exploring each new activity together with your students. Run each activity in your first lesson one by one. In a physical classroom, use a projector. For distance learning, share your screen or web browser window.
  2. To run an activity, use the Preview feature. "Junior" is for grades K-5 and "Senior" is for grades 6 & up.
  3. Most activities are organized into "rounds." Each round is one word, sentence, question, answer choice, etc. — anything that requires a click to respond. A round ends when you complete an answer, make a match, fill in a blank, or press a next button or arrow. When you model the activities for your class, you may just want to do a few rounds, rather than the entire set of tasks. Then have your students complete the whole activity independently before moving on to the next activity.
  4. After you've demonstrated the first round, try involving your students in deciding on responses together.
  5. There are some activities, such as Word Gallery, Story Spin, and Math Puzzle Maker, which are always meant to be teacher led or moderated.
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