Years of research and classroom experience led Speak Agent to develop a breakthrough academic language learning model and teaching toolkit. It combines the latest learning science with deeply engaging content—that can be tailored to your needs—to deliver unprecedented learning outcomes.

Embeds Effective Learning Strategies

Speak Agent provides a core content vocabulary teaching toolkit that is research-based, easy to implement, and is proven effective in real-world classrooms. It includes strong ELL supports across your curriculum with content area teachers. Speak Agent excels at helping content area teachers to integrate research-based strategies into their daily practice. We offer high-quality professional development, but the best practices and instructional strategies are embedded right into the Speak Agent digital toolkit and student activities.

Engaging and Motivating Learners

Speak Agent uses game-based learning to rekindle the joy of reading, math, and science. It also encourages collaboration among students using their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Academic Language Is Key to Closing the Achievement Gap

Academic language is the missing key that many students need in order to unlock understanding of your curriculum and to master key Math, Reading, and Science concepts. In fact, learning sciences research shows that a student must know at least 95% of the words to be able to understand academic texts and discourse. In fact, numerous studies have found content area vocabulary to be the most significant factor in learning complex new concepts.

Speak Agent has shown the greatest improvements with ELLs, low-SES, and other marginalized students. A full-year study showed that Speak Agent tripled the rate of learning core content vocabulary for these student populations.

What's Unique About Speak Agent?

Speak Agent is our answer to the lack of research-based academic language solutions that are practical for daily use in real-world classroom environments. Speak Agent gives teachers a high-impact toolkit they can use to accelerate content vocabulary growth and mastery of academic language critical to the success of each and every one of their students. Here are more of the unique benefits of using Speak Agent:

  1. Accelerates concept mastery by  210% using a unique learning model based on current learning science.
  2. Backed by strong evidence from a full-year, multi-phase study sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
  3. Tailors to your curriculum and key concepts for each subject, grade, and level. Speak Agent gives you complete control of the content.
  4. Supports differentiated instruction and personalized learning on a just-in-time, multi-platform basis.
  5. Delivers results after just six hours of instruction with any ELL program model, any STEM program, and any technology setup. Speak Agent is an incredibly flexible, multi-language solution co-designed by ELLs, STEM and ESL teachers, and experts.
  6. Provides critical realtime data for learning measurement, monitoring, and evidence with zero data entry. All data and portfolio items are automatically captured by the game-based learning activities!