Years of research and classroom experience led Speak Agent to develop a breakthrough academic language learning model. It combines the latest learning science with practical, real-world implementation—and content tailored to your needs—to deliver unprecedented learning outcomes.

Academic Language Is Key to Closing the Achievement Gap

"Academic language" is the vocabulary, syntax, and context that students need in order to master key academic concepts and content in STEM, language arts, social studies, financial literacy, specialized careers, or any subject area. In fact,  learning science research shows that a student must know at least 95% of the words to be able to understand academic texts and discourse. Several studies have found academic language to be the most significant factor in learning complex academic concepts.

Academic language is nobody's primary language. Developing academic language is critical for all learners, including both ELLs and students for whom English is the primary language. Two-thirds of all students in the U.S. do not achieve proficiency in the 8th grade NAEP math, reading, or science tests. They are falling behind in large part due to the academic language deficit. This deficit is particularly challenging for ELLs and disadvantaged students. This is why we created Speak Agent's Academic Language Learning (ALL) platform and pedagogy—to help all students succeed in school and unlock their full potential.

What's Unique About Speak Agent?

Speak Agent is our answer to the lack of evidence-based academic language interventions that are practical for daily use in real-world classroom environments. Speak Agent gives teachers a set of high-impact tools that accelerate mastery of academic language critical to the success of each and every one of their students. Here are some of the unique benefits of using Speak Agent:

  1. Accelerates academic language acquisition more than 3X using a unique pedagogy based on current learning science.
  2. Backed by strong evidence from a full-year, two-part study sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
  3. Tailors to your curriculum and key academic concepts for each subject, grade, and level. Speak Agent gives you complete control of the content.
  4. Supports differentiated instruction and personalized learning on a just-in-time, multi-platform basis.
  5. Engages learners of all ages with game-based learning, an adjustable user interface, and tailored content.
  6. Delivers results in just three hours of instruction with any ELL program model, any STEM program, and any technology setup. Speak Agent is an incredibly flexible, multi-language solution co-designed by ELLs, STEM and ESL teachers, and experts.
  7. Provides critical realtime data for learning measurement, monitoring, and evidence with zero data entry. All data and portfolio items are automatically captured by the game-based learning activities!