A word wall is a group of academic words displayed in your classroom that is visible for all students. It can be used to help students retain academic language. A word wall is also a great reference tool for students to use during their reading and writing activities. 

Communication Modes Used by this Strategy


The Learning Benefits

  • Students are introduced to many new and challenging words in their math and science classes. Word walls provide students with a permanent reference tool for commonly used academic vocabulary. It also increases students’ exposure to these important concepts. The more students are able to interact with these terms, the more likely they are to remember them and use them confidently. 
  • Students can use word walls as a reference while they are reading or writing. This will encourage independence and increase reading comprehension. It will also support students’ use of specific academic language in their writing. 

Classroom Tactics

Be sure to use content specific words when choosing terms to incorporate on your word wall. This way students can refer to the wall when engaging in class work and discussions. Let’s take a look at the types of word walls you can use in your classroom! 

  • Classroom Word Wall: Find a spot on your classroom walls that is visible from every spot in the room. As you introduce new math and science terms throughout the school year, print or write the words on pieces of card stock along with a contextualizing image and/or definition. You can even encourage students to create their own visuals to put on the wall next to a corresponding word.
  • Personal Word Walls: A personal word wall is a great option for students who are traveling between classes or would like to take a word wall between home and school. Create a print out of some important math and science words to get students started. Throughout the school year, encourage them to write in new vocabulary.
  • Digital Word Walls: Create slides for all vocabulary words and concepts in your upcoming math and/or science units. On each slide include a word, contextualizing image, and definition. Share the slide deck with your students so they can save it to their student devices and refer to it when needed.

How Speak Agent Makes It Better

Speak Agent contains an activity called “Word Gallery”. This activity is an interactive, digital word wall containing all of the academic vocabulary terms for that unit.

  • Each word contains the term, definition, part of speech, at least one image and corresponding captions to contextualize the term.
  • We recommend students start each Speak Agent lesson by going through the Word Gallery to begin building vocabulary recognition. 
  • This activity can also be used as a reference tool as students continue to work on the comprehension and communication activities on Speak Agent and as they work on class assignments and discussions. 
  • You can print out the images and add them to your word wall so that they become more familiar to your students, and part of their daily use!