Vocab Lab Academic Vocabulary GameVocab Lab is a game for learning academic vocabulary by analyzing nuanced meanings. Students use combinations of known tier 1 words to build the new tier 2 or 3 words.

Choose the academic vocabulary appropriate for your student(s).

Vocab Lab Vocabulary GameJust pick a vocabulary set and Speak Agent instantly creates a customized Vocab Lab game for you and your students! Students can go through the vocabulary in any order and get a different list to work on each time they play the game, based on past performance.

Each word has a backstory...

Vocab Lab Vocabulary Game StoryStudents first read (or listen to) a short passage to understand the context of the word. This passage is paired with a photo showing the word story in action. The word is used twice, in two different forms, without giving away the right answer(s).

Students can experiment and learn from mistakes.

Vocab Lab Tier 2 Vocabulary GameThe game presents one target tier 2 word at a time from the selected vocabulary set. Students need to put the words into the flask that, together, compose the target word. Each "ingredient word" is an attribute of that nuanced tier 2 concept. The game has audio help for students who cannot read the tier 1 words.