At Speak Agent, we know that if we're not helping teachers, we're not helping students. Our programs aim to make teachers' planning and instructional time more productive while reducing busywork and daily headaches. Speak Agent delivers engaging, research-based digital resources and shows you exactly where and how they fit into your existing curriculum — saving your teachers time!

1. EffortlesIntegrating a language componentsly integrates a language component into your math or science curriculum: There’s plenty of evidence that the language of content is a critical component to academic success in STEM subjects. But integrating new resources into an existing curriculum takes time and effort. Speak Agent maps its programs to your scope, sequence, and pacing. All of the resources for each unit are seamlessly integrated so that it’s simple and easy for your teachers.


Engaging students2. Engages students in your curriculum content: Every educator knows that if an activity isn’t engaging, it isn’t effective. According to partner surveys of nearly 2,500 middle schoolers, 85% of students reported that Speak Agent helped them to learn key STEM concepts and vocabulary. Seventy-two percent rated Speak Agent as their #1 most effective math and science learning tool. 


3. Embeds effeResearch-based strategiesctive, research-based strategies into ready-made activities: Professional development is a great way to elevate teaching strategies. However, it’s hard to retain all of this learning, much less execute all the recommendations that will lead to success. Speak Agent embeds research-based instructional strategies into every digital learning activity. This enables teachers to be confident they are using effective strategies without having to create their own activities or rewrite their lesson plans to accommodate them. 
Formative assessment tools
4. Provides built-in, curriculum-aligned formative assessment tools: Formative assessments provide teachers with critical insights to inform instruction. Speak Agent delivers a steady stream of ongoing, real-time formative assessment data for teachers to measure progress and make instructional decisions. Speak Agent programs provide actionable learning analytics for unit content and language learning objectives by student, class section, and by school.


5. Offers teachers much-needed flexibility and supports collaboration: The flexibility of Speak Agent programs allows teachers to incorporate it into any aspect of their lesson plans or any setting. All of the activities are ready to use with students as whole-class, small group, or independent practice. In addition, our programs support co-teachers and support staff as full and equal partners in managing assignments and accessing student data. 
Digital student portfolio6. Automatically builds a portfolio of work for each student: It’s a big hassle to manually capture and enter data on student work, especially if you need to report it for Title III, an IEP, or other compliance reasons. Speak Agent automatically captures all students’ written and speaking assignments, among other evidence of learning. Teachers can view student work alongside answer keys to streamline grading or provide instant feedback to students.

No administrative headaches

7. Handles the administrative headaches for you: Speak Agent makes rostering and real-time updates easy by integrating with your student information system (SIS). Assigning lessons is also a cinch. Teachers can set delivery dates in advance if they choose, set or revise due dates, and make activities required or optional. Everything your teachers need is right at their fingertips!

Edtech programs should adapt to the students, educators, and administrators they serve, not the other way around. Let's chat more about your district's needs, and how Speak Agent can boost your teachers' effectiveness in the math and science classroom!


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