Vocab Lab Academic Vocabulary GameTall Tales is a story-based game for learning academic language in the context of math, science, history, language arts, and other content areas. Exclusive to Speak Agent PRO.

Choose a story that supplements the unit you're teaching.

Tall Tales Game StartChoose from a library of stories designed for elementary grade levels in STEM, social studies, and language arts. Speak Agent instantly creates a story-based game for you and your students! 

Engages students with fun visuals and audio supports.

Tall Tales Select a WordStudents complete the story by choosing a word for each blank. With a single click or tap, the words automatically go into the right place. Each word has a visual and an audio play button to help ELLs and other students who aren't familiar with the vocabulary yet.

Empowers students to self-correct their answers.

Tall Tales Check AnswersStudents can check their answers when they're ready. This allows them a little space for silliness before the game assess their word choices. It tells them whether each answer fits into the sentence grammatically and semantically and allows them to self-correct. Sometimes, as in real life, there's more than one right answer! 

Reads the completed story aloud.

Students can listen to the full story once they fill it out. They can do this both before and after checking there answers, as many times as they need. This helps them see how the target words are applied in context.