Vocab Lab Academic Vocabulary GameScrambled Sentences is a customizable game for learning academic language in the context of any content area using your reading materials. Exclusive to Speak Agent PRO.

Customize this game in under a minute using your reading materials.

Scrambled Sentences Game StartJust copy a text passage and paste it into the textarea box. Speak Agent instantly creates a customized game for you and your students! 

Students have a blast unscrambling the story.

Scrambled Sentences Game PlayThe game presents one sentence at a time from your reading excerpt. Students need to put the words back in the right order to solve the puzzle. 

Includes built-in supports.

Scrambled Sentences Game ProgressClues help students decipher word order. At level 1, some words start in the correct position. Puzzle shapes, case, and punctuation also offer clues. If a student does not know a word, she can select the word and hear it spoken.

Reads the completed passage aloud.

Scrambled_Sentences_Placeholder.pngBefore beginning the game, as well as after solving the puzzle, students can listen to the full reading excerpt. This reinforces the context both before and after gameplay.