Speak Agent Science K-2: Content and Standards

This page lists the Speak Agent Science content modules and supported standards for each unit and grade level.


Unit Next-Generation Science Standards TEKS Standards
Observing the Weather K-ESS2-1 K.8A
Magnetism PS4-B K.6B
Colors not applicable K.5A
Shapes Around Us not applicable K.5A
Textures not applicable K.5A
Light Energy PS3-A K.6A
Sound Energy PS3-A K.6A
Heat Energy PS3-A K.5B, K.6A
Motion K-PS2-1, PS2-A K.6C, K.6D
Cycles of the Sun, Earth, and Moon not applicable K.8A, K.8B
Observing the Sky not applicable K.8C
Earth Materials ESS1-B, ESS1-C K.7B, K.7C
Rocks ESS2-A K.5A, K.7A, K.7C
Living and Nonliving Things K-LS1-1, LS4-D K.9A, K.9B
Characteristics of Plants K-LS1-1 K.10A, K.10B
Plant Life Cycles not applicable K.10C, K.10D


Unit Next-Generation Science Standards TEKS Standards
Weather Watching Routine ESS2-D 1.8A
How Objects Move PS2-A 1.6C
Forces PS2-A 1.6B
Energy PS3-A 1.6A
Properties of Objects not applicable 1.5A
Heating & Cooling PS3-B 1.5B
Materials ESS2-A 1.5C
Characteristics of Fall 1-ESS1-2, ESS1-B 1.8A, 1.8C
Observing the Sky 1-ESS1-1, 1-ESS1-2, ESS1-B 1.8B
Day and Night 1-ESS1-1, 1-ESS1-2, ESS1-B 1.8C
The Air Around Us ESS2-D 1.8D
Water Resources ESS3-A 1.7B
Soil Resources ESS3-A 1.5A, 1.7A
Products not applicable 1.7C
Characteristics of Winter 1-ESS1-2, ESS2-D 1.8A, 1.8C
Living and Nonliving Things 1-LS3-1 1.9A
My Terrarium 1-LS3-1 1.9B, 1.10B
Characteristics of Spring 1-ESS1-2 1.8A, 1.8C
Animals LS4-D 1.10A
Interdependency 1-LS1-2 1.10A


Unit Next-Generation Science Standards TEKS Standards
Matter PS1-A 2.5A, 2.5B, 2.5C
Force and Motion PS2-A 2.6A, 2.6B
Earth Materials 2-ESS2-3, ESS2-A 2.7B, 2.7C
Weather Safety 2-ESS1-1, ESS2-D 2.8B
Weather Patterns 2-ESS1-1, ESS2-D 2.8A, 2.3C
The Water Cycle 2-ESS2-3, ESS2-C 2.8C
Observing the Sky ESS1-A, ESS1-B 2.8D
Characteristics of Organisms LS1-B, LS1-C 2.9A, 2.10A, 2.10B
Organisms and Their Environments LS1-B, LS1-C 2.9B, 2.9C, 2.10C