Renaming Classes


You wish to rename your class section to something more reader-friendly for yourself and/or co-teachers and school leaders. Note that students do not see the class name, only teachers and staff.

NOTE: Most school districts are set up to automatically roster, so please contact support if your students are not showing up in the right class.

Steps for Editing a Class Name:

  1. Click Classes & Students in the left-side menu.
    Classes and Students menu

  2. Click the EDIT link below the name of your class.

  3. Edit the class name or section name. The class name is in the first textbox. The section name or number is the second box to the right of the vertical line. Then press Save Changes when done.

  4. Now everywhere the new class and section name will replace the old one. That includes all searches you do.

    badge-70x70_super_sleuth Mission accomplished!