Read Along Activity


Read Along are mini-books. They cover a topic related to your teacher's lesson plan in a short story format. The stories use your new vocabulary words. The goal is to help you see what the words mean. Most Read Alongs are 5 to 8 pages long.

  1. There is one question on each page. You have to answer it to move to the next page.
    - You can type an answer and press Save.
    - You can record your voice by pressing the RA-mic-icon icon. If you don't like your recording, pressdelete-trash-icon to wipe it.
    - You can both type and record an answer, if you wish.
    remember_1Remember: Your teacher can see/hear whatever you write/speak, so make it good.
  2. Press Next to go to the next page.reading-aids
  3. There are many reading tools you can use, if you want:
    - You can play audio for any paragraph big-audio-icon
    - Feel free to adjust the speed! There are 5 speeds.
    - Pressdimto dim the screen around the text you're reading.
    - You can magnify text to make it larger. There are 7 sizes.
    - You can highlight text in one of 4 colors.
  4. The activity is done when you add answers to every page of the e-book.
  5. Your answers get stored under My Work. You can see them. Your teacher can also see them.

badge-70x70_super_sleuthMission accomplished!