Picture Pairs Activity


Picture Pairs is like a self-quiz on your new vocabulary words using pictures and audio. Pictures can be a powerful memory aid! If you want to learn more about a word, you can go to the Word Gallery activity for details.

  1. There is one word in each round.
  2. Choose the picture that you think goes best with it.
  3. Each word has an audio icon. big-audio-icon Press it to hear the word before picking an answer.
  4. On the left you will see circles that show you which round you're on and how you did:
    clear-circle-64px You haven't done this round yet.
    green-circle-64px You got it right on the first try. You want as many greens as you can get.
    yellow-circle-64pxYou missed this one. If you get too many yellows, you may need to redo the activity.

  5. The game is over when you complete all the rounds. This game does not save progress mid-way through, so be sure to do them all!
  6. If you got enough "greens" (right answers), you win the game. If not, you will have a chance to redo it and beat your score.

badge-70x70_super_sleuthMission accomplished!