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Copying & Modifying Lessons


You would like to modify a Speak Agent lesson to meet the needs of your students.

Steps for Personalizing a Speak Agent Lesson:

1. Select the title of the lesson you'd like to personalize. This will bring you to the lesson details page.
2. Click the Copy button at the top to create your own copy of the original lesson.
3. Rename the lesson so it is easy to find in the future!
4. You have the option to add a description below the title. You can also add or remove tags on the right hand side.
5. Use the red trash can icon next to the title of an activity to remove that activity (you can always restore it if you change your mind!)
6. Use the blue arrows to the left of the activity titles to reorder activities.
7. If you want to share your copy of the lesson with colleagues, click the Not Shared link at the top of the right hand menu to change it to Shared.
8. Finally, click the Save Lesson button at the top.