Where did all the lessons go?


You are looking for a lesson, but it does not seem to be there any more...


If you are searching from the same computer as before, it will remember your last filter(s) and sorting. So, if you can't find a lesson, it may be because it's remembering your previous search filters!


  1. Sign into Speak Agent and click the Lessons menu item on the left-hand side.
  2. Click on a tab. For example, use Organization Lessons if you are looking for a curriculum-aligned lesson provided by your school district. The Your Lessons tab is only for lessons that you have created.
  3. If you have any search filters such as grade level, subject, or language you will see the following text:
  4. Just click CLEAR ALL to clear out any search filters. This is on the right side of the webpage:

badge-70x70_super_sleuthMission accomplished!

More Details About Filtering:


Applying Filters: