Speak Agent Math 6-8: Content and Standards

This page lists the Speak Agent Math content modules and supported standards for each unit and grade level.


Unit Common Core State Standards TEKS Standards
Rational Numbers Review 6.NS.5, 6.NS.6, 6.NS.7 6.2A, 6.2C, 6.2D, 6.3A, 6.3E
Number Lines and Coordinate Planes 6.NS.8, 6.G.3 6.2C
Rational Numbers and Operations 6.NS.1, 6.NS.2, 6.NS.3 6.3A, 6.3C, 6.3D, 6.3E
Algebraic Expressions Review 6.EE.1, 6.EE.2, 6.EE.3, 6.EE.4, 6.EE.6 6.7A, 6.7B, 6.7C, 6.7D
Algebraic Expressions and Factoring 6.NS.4, 6.EE.4, 6.EE.6 6.7A, 6.7B, 6.7C, 6.7D
Equations and Inequalities 6.EE.5, 6.EE.7, 6.EE.8 6.9A, 6.9B, 6.9C, 6.10A, 6.10B
Ratios and Rates 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3 6.4B, 6.4C, 6.4E, 6.5A
2D Shapes and Area 6.G.1 6.8B, 6.8C, 6.8D
3D Shapes and Volume 6.G.2 6.8B, 6.8C, 6.8D
Measures of Central Tendency 6.SP.1, 6.SP.3, 6.SP.5 6.12A, 6.12B, 6.12C, 6.12D, 6.13A, 6.13B
Representing Data 6.SP.2 6.12A, 6.12B


Unit Common Core State Standards TEKS Standards
Ratios 7.RP.1 7.4D, 7.5A, 7.5B
Proportional Relationships 7.RP.2, 7.RP.3, 7.G.1 7.4C, 7.4E
Chance Processes and Probability Models 7.SP.5, 7.SP.6, 7.SP.7, 7.SP.8 7.6D, 7.6E, 7.6I
Coordinate Planes 7.NS.1, 7.NS.2, 7.NS.3 not applicable
Operations with Rational Numbers 7.NS.1, 7.NS.2 ,7.NS.3 7.2A, 7.3A, 7.3B
Expressions and Equations 7.EE.1, 7.EE.2 7.7A, 7.10A, 7.10B, 7.10C, 7.11A, 7.11B, 7.11C
Multi-Step Equations 7.EE.3, 7.EE.4 7.4D
Geometry 7.G.3, 7.G.4, 7.G.5, 7.G.6 7.11C
Random Sampling 7.SP.1, 7.SP.2, 7.SP.4 7.12B, 7.12C


Unit Common Core State Standards TEKS Standards
Squares, Cubes, and Decimals 8.NS.1, 8.NS.2, 8.EE.2 7.12B, 7.12C (review)
Pythagorean Theorem and Angles 8.G.6, 8.G.7, 8.G.8 8.6C, 8.7C, 8.7D
Transformations 8.G.1, 8.G.2, 8.G.3, 8.G.4, 8.G.5 8.10A, 8.10B, 8.10C, 8.10D
Defining Functions 8.F.1, 8.F.2, 8.F.3 8.5G, 8.5H
Linear Functions 8.EE.5, 8.EE.6, 8.F.4 8.5A, 8.5B
Linear Equations 8.EE.7 8.9A
Linear Systems 8.EE.8 8.9A
Bivariate Data 8.SP.1, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, 8.SP.4 8.5C, 8.5D, 8.11A
Exponents 8.EE.1, 8.EE.3, 8.EE.4 not applicable