level-up_activity_cardLevel Up



Level Up is a quick way to check your content knowledge. You will find one at the end of every lesson in Speak Agent.  Answer the questions to show your teacher what you have learned!

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  1. Read each question carefully. Sometimes the picture helps, too. If you see our little secret agent guy, it means there's no picture for that question.
  2. The question and each answer have an audio icon. big-audio-icon Press it to hear the question or answers read out loud.
  3. If you need help, click Word Gallery to see pictures and definitions of keywords used in the questions and answers.
  4. Choose the answer that you think is correct:
     LU Smiley 1You got the answer correct. Great Job!
     LU HintNot quite! You will get a hint and you can try again.
     LU Next TimeYour second attempt wasn't correct either. Maybe next time!
  5. On the left you will see circles that show you which question you're on and how you did:
    clear-circle-64px You haven't answered the question yet.
    green-circle-64px You got it right on the first try. 
    yellow-circle-64px You did not get the answer correct on the first try.
  6. At the end of Level Up, you get your self-check score! You can replay it as many times as you wish. Please note: Your teacher can see all of your scores.

badge-70x70_super_sleuthMission accomplished!