What is Speak Agent?

Speak Agent is an intervention tool designed to accelerate academic vocabulary growth across elementary subjects: reading, writing, math, science & engineering, social studies, information literacy, financial literacy, health, Spanish, fine arts, and general tier 2 vocabulary. Speak Agent is unique because it provides students with digital, game-based vocabulary lessons that use your content. It also comes with hundreds of ready-made lessons that you can adapt to your needs.

What technology do I need?

Speak Agent is a responsive web app that runs in a browser on a computer, Chromebook, tablet, or an interactive whiteboard with an internet connection. There is no need to install any software or plug-ins. Read our detailed tech specs here (PDF) or forward it to your IT department.

How do I try Speak Agent?

It’s free to use the basic features. Sign up here to try it out!

What does it cost?

It’s free to sign up and use the basic features. Speak Agent Pro is an annual subscription priced based on the number of students. Please Contact Sales for more information.

How do I get help?

Visit our Help page here. 

What languages are supported?

English and Spanish. 

Which students will benefit most from Speak Agent?

Any student with a deficit in academic vocabulary comprehension, but especially English Language Learners and Spanish dual-language learners in grades K-5.

Which ESL/ESOL program models do you support?

Dual-language (Spanish), pull-out, plug-in / push-in, sheltered instruction, bilingual early and late exits, newcomer, after-school, summer programs, remote / virtual — just about any program!

Are you accessible for students with special needs?

Yes! Speak Agent includes numerous accessibility features for learners with low visual acuity, color-blindness, fine motor control challenges, cognitive disorders, and hearing impairment. Please visit our accessibility page for detailed information.

How do you protect privacy?

Review our Privacy Policy here. Our policy complies with the Student Privacy Pledge.

Where can I read the fine print?

Review our Terms of Service here.