Speak Agent FAQ

What is unique about Speak Agent?

Speak Agent is the first evidence-based academic language learning platform to deliver significant outcomes. The platform custom-builds a supplemental interactive program for academic language learning that directly aligns to your curriculum. You control the scope, sequence, and pacing. It fits right into daily classwork. And, just 15 to 30 minutes of practice per week with Speak Agent can accelerate academic language learning by more than 3X!

What is academic language?

Academic language is the vocabulary, syntax, and context of classroom-aligned content. Students need it in order to comprehend texts and class discourse. Academic language is the number one predictor of student success.

Which students benefit from Speak Agent?

Any student with an academic language deficit will benefit. These include students identified as ELL/LEP, diagnosed with a learning disability, disadvantaged students, and many others.

How do students learn academic language using Speak Agent?

Students learn using Speak Agent's Academic Language Learning model, developed by our team of former ELL and STEM teachers in consultation with experts at WestEd, Digital Promise, and other research partners. Students learn with eight different learning modes using a computer, Chromebook, tablet, or whiteboard. Speak Agent supports guided, peer, and independent practice.

Is it evidence-based?

Yes! You can learn about the learning science and empirical evidence from a recent NSF study in our Research section. You can also see how Speak Agent meets ESSA evidence criteria and qualifies for federal grant funding.

Is it dual-language?

Yes! Speak Agent supports Spanish or any other language you may choose to use for custom content development.

How is content developed?

See our content development page to learn how your Speak Agent implementation team will create engaging, curriculum-aligned content tailored to your needs. 

Do you provide personalized learning?

Yes! Speak Agent provides personalization tools both for teachers and for students.

What technology do I need? 

Speak Agent runs in a browser on any computer, Chromebook, tablet, or interactive whiteboard with an internet connection. Teachers can also run guided practice components from a laptop connected to a projector. There is no need to install any software or have 1:1 devices. Read our detailed tech specs here (PDF) or forward it to your IT department.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to try, then $20/year per student for multi-site orders. Schools and districts can also purchase discounted site licenses. Speak Agent meets ESSA requirements for Title I and Title III funds. You can start by requesting a demo or, if you've already decided, please contact sales for a quote.

How do I get help?

Visit our Help page for product training videos. Since Speak Agent is a cinch to use, our professional development courses take a deeper dive into how to apply the learning strategies and supports

Which ESL/ESOL program models do you support?

All of them! See our ELLs page for details. We also correlate with WIDA PRIME V2 and meet ESSA evidence requirements.

Are you accessible for students with special needs?

Yes! Speak Agent includes numerous accessibility features for learners with low visual acuity, color-blindness, fine motor control challenges, cognitive disorders, and hearing impairment. Please visit our accessibility page for detailed information.

How long should I use Speak Agent?

While as little as 15 minutes per week can have a significant impact, we recommend using Speak Agent year-round for 30 to 60 minutes per week (for 50% greater efficacy). Speak Agent is an incredibly flexible tool. Learn how this reduces teacher burden and fits into class schedules.

How do you protect privacy?

Review our Privacy Policy here. Our policy complies with the Student Privacy Pledge.

Where can I read the fine print?

Review our Terms of Service here.