Curriculum Alignment in Speak Agent


You are trying to figure out how Speak Agent fits into your curriculum.


  • Most education technology programs align to standards. Speak Agent aligns to both standards and curricula. Each Speak Agent product is a set of configurable modules. These can be sequenced and modified to suit.
  • Classroom teachers do not need to do this. Neither do coaches, resource teachers, or district specialists. This is all handled by your trusty Speak Agents!
  • You certainly can make your own modifications to your own Speak Agent implementation. Our platform empowers you to make copies and then add, remove, reorder, or edit most activities (unless your district specifically requests us to prohibit this). This feature, however, is for "power users" and you are not going to need to do this for a typical course/class.

How It Works:

  1. We configure your Speak Agent product(s) to fit your curriculum framework. For example:

    Speak Agent Module   Your Curriculum
    Transformations module Unit 1: Rigid Transformations
    Defining Functions module
    Linear Functions module
    Unit 2: Functions
    Linear Equations module
    Linear Systems module
    Unit 3: Linear Equations and Systems
    etc.   etc.
  2. Modules are sequenced, named, and merged or split to best conform to your curriculum. Based on the student population served, we may modify the reading level of story-based activities. These become the digital lessons available to you and your students.
  3. Each lesson is tagged with keywords and grade-level standards such as CCSS, NGSS, NGSSS, TEKS, and other relevant standards.
  4. Most products include a planning guide that accompanies each digital lesson. This lists the unit vocabulary, estimates the time to complete each activity, describes any needed preparation, and includes any applicable answer keys.
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