Adding a Co-Teacher


If you are the primary teacher (aka "teacher of record") for a class section and you have a co-teacher that needs access to your students in Speak Agent, read on!


If your district's Student Information System includes your co-teacher on the class roster, she or he should have access automatically. There is nothing you need to do! If your co-teacher is not in the database, all you need to do is to email Speak Agent support. Please include the following information:

  • The email addresses of both teachers.
  • The names of the school district and school where you teach (if not obvious from your signature line).
  • The specific class sections that your co-teacher needs to access. (Alternatively, it can be a whole grade level at your school, if that is appropriate.)

How It Works:

This setup will grant your co-teacher the following access to students in the class sections you specify:

  • View student progress on the dashboard.
  • View which lessons are assigned to each student.
  • Manage assignments, e.g. add, unassign, or archive.
  • View student lesson reports.
  • View any and all portfolio items created by students.
  • Access to student passwords (if not using for login).

Your classes will not be listed under Classes in the co-teacher's account. That said, she or he may still access the Classes indirectly. Here's how:

  1. On her or his dashboard, your co-teacher will see which classes students are enrolled in.
  2. She/he can simply click the name of the class, e.g., "Demo Class" in the illustration below. That will go right to the Class page. From there your co-teacher can assign lessons.