Troubleshooting Voice Recording


A student is not able to record their voice in a Speak Agent activity in a web browser.

Steps for Fixing a Blocked Microphone:

On some devices, like Chromebooks, the computer may prompt students to "allow" or "block" use of the microphone. Students should always choose Allow. If, however, they accidentally choose "block," there's an easy way to unblock the mic, so the student can record their voice. The following illustrations are for the Chrome web browser.

  1. First, look for the little "blocked" icon, shown inside the red circle in the image below. Then click that little icon in the browser address bar. NOTE: To see the blocked mic icon, you must be on the tab or window that has the Speak Agent activity, not the tab or window you are on now reading this article!
    Here's an enlarged image of what the blocked mic icon looks like:  blocked-mic-icon

  2. Next you will see a dialog box. Choose the option that says Always Allow ( Press Done.

  3. Next, please reload the activity. You can either (1) reload the webpage by pressing reloadin your web browser address bar. Or (2) you can go back to the lesson main page and launch the activity again from there.
  4. Voice recording should now work! If it does not, please email a screenshot to

badge-70x70_super_sleuthMission accomplished!