Deliver the Language Supports Your Multilingual Learners Need

Biology+LanguageSM is an academic language learning program designed to fit seamlessly with your Biology curriculum. This spiral learning program consists of independent practice activities and learning scaffolds designed to accelerate mastery of key biology concepts and content knowledge, communication skills, especially for students who may lack background knowledge. The academic language is content-based and aligned to NGSS, NGSSS, WIDA, TEKS, among other academic standards. It can be aligned to your state standards as well. 

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Modules and Standards

Biology+Language consists of easy-to-implement modules that can be aligned to fit your scope, sequence, and pacing.

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Program Support

Speak Agent embeds academic language supports into your Tier 1 instruction to meet the needs of all students. Marginalized learners, including multilingual, Title I, and students with learning differences, particularly benefit from Speak Agent's research-based, multimodal instructional strategies. These provide learning scaffolds that help students make connections to background knowledge, master complex concepts, and acquire the expressive language needed to communicate both verbally and in writing with precision and confidence.