Badges for "Junior Agents" (Grades K-5)

This pages lists the badges that students can learn, along with the criteria for earning them. Teachers can see how many badges each student has earned on the Leaderboard tab for each Class in their Speak Agent account.

badge-70x70_first_missionFirst Mission: Complete all activities in one assigned lesson.

badge-70x70_hot_streakHot Streak: Pick 10 right answers in a row in Picture Pairs.

badge-70x70_triple_playTriple Play: Finish three assigned lessons.

puzzle_pro_2ndPuzzle Pro: Fix 50 sentences at Level 4 in Scrambled Sentences.

badge-70x70_lucky_eightLucky Eights: Complete 8 assigned lessons.

badge-70x70_perfect_playPerfect Play: Get 100% right on the first try in Tall Tales.

badge-70x70_sweet_sixteenSweet Sixteen: Finish 16 assigned lessons.

spock_logic_2ndSpock Logic: Get 100% right on the first try in Explain Your Work.

badge-70x70_code_breakerCodebreaker: Finish an activity in any two languages (for dual-language programs).

badge-70x70_freaky_flipperFreaky Flipper: Win the Matching game in record time.

badge-70x70_great_listenerGreat Listener: Listen to 100 new words in Word Gallery.

badge-70x70_lab_wizardLab Wizard: Solve 50 secret word formulas in Vocab Lab.

badge-70x70_pop_starPop Star: Make 100 voice recordings in My Voice.

badge-70x70_word_masterWord Master: Write 50 sentences marked OK in Word Spin.

badge-70x70_super_sleuthSuper Sleuth: Answer all questions in 5 Read Alongs.

badge-70x70_top_ratedTop Rated: Get a top rating from a classmate in Math Puzzle Maker.

badge-70x70_diagram_geniusDiagram Genius: Pick all the right labels in one try in Diagram It!

badge-70x70_prized_puzzlerPrized Puzzler: Get 5 top ratings from classmates in Math Puzzle Maker.
badge-70x70_decoderDecoder: Solve the game without a single mistake.  badge-70x70_math_maniacMath Maniac: Solve any 3 math puzzles.
badge-70x70_top_agentTop Agent:
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