Assign a Lesson to a Class


You wish to assign one or more lessons to a class section or other grouping of students so that you do not need to assign to each student individually.


  1. Click Classes & Students in the left-side menu.
    Classes and Students menu
  2. Click the name of the class to which you wish to assign lesson(s).
  3. Press the Lessons tab.
  4. You will see any existing assignments on the Lessons tab. Press Assign Lessons.
  5. Search for lesson(s) to assign. Keep your search terms short and targeted. The results will update as you type. Once you have selected the lesson(s) you want, press Done.
  6. You should now see the new lesson(s) assigned to your class. Students will see this on their dashboard as soon as they next sign in.
    badge-70x70_super_sleuth Mission accomplished!