Managing Assignments


Your students have too many assignments and you'd like to remove some from their view.

Steps for Class Assignments:

  1. Click Classes & Students in the left-side menu.
    Classes and Students menu
  2. Click on the class that you wish to manage.
  3. Click the Lessons tab on the class page.
  4. You now should see the list of lessons assigned to the class.
    Managing Class Assignments
  5. Press the Archive icon if you wish to hide the lesson from student view. The lesson remains on your list and saves all data and progress. Use this if students may have done prior work on the lesson and you just want to simplify their "To Do" lists. (You can unarchive later.)
  6. Alternatively, you can press the Unassign icon to completely remove the lesson. !! Unassign will wipe out any data for that lesson, including progress tracking and portfolio items. Use this if you accidentally assigned a lesson, but students have not yet used it.
  7. Either way, students will no longer see the lesson on their Home or To Do pages. (Archived lessons will appear on their Done page.)

    badge-70x70_super_sleuth Mission accomplished!

Steps for Individual Assignments:

  • You can go directly to a Student page to manage assignments for one student at a time. The process is nearly identical to above.

Video (1m 4s):