Accessibility features

Speak Agent, Inc. is fortunate to have a Chief Technology Officer, Katie Cunningham, who literally wrote the book on web accessibility for kids. Here it is, in fact: Accessibility Handbook: Making 508-Compliant Websites.

The Speak Agent web app comes with the following accessibility features. We're always looking to improve, however, so please contact us with your ideas!

Low Visual Acuity and Color-Blindness

  • High contrast color palette for fonts and backgrounds.
  • Alternative visual cues to color such as dotted vs. solid lines to different correct/incorrect answers.
  • Use of simplified illustrated symbols, benchmark-tested against a leading AAC symbol set in a U.S. Dept. of Education study.
  • Audio playback at any time for all instructions, stories, and answer choices.
  • All text is zoomable and compatible with screen readers (no text embedded in Flash or images).

Fine Motor Control

  • Isolated touch or point-and-click options for students with fine motor impairments. Click-and-drag is never required to complete any performance task.
  • Single-select shortcuts available for activities where typing is required to obviate finger-pecking.

Cognitive Disorders

  • Easy-to-read fonts and text styles on well-organized pages.
  • No time performance or moving objects distracting from learning tasks.

Hearing Impairment

  • All instructions provided in text, along with audio replay option.
  • All voiceover recorded at 95dB for consistent volume output.
  • Option to force closed captioning for all videos.