Improve Math outcomes by 10% or more.

A full-year study with more than 46,000 observations found that students using the recommended dosage of Speak Agent's Math+Language℠  program can be expected to increase Math assessment scores by 10% more than students who did not use Speak Agent. Likewise, a National Science Foundation study found that Science+Language℠ accelerated Science concept mastery by 210% over standard instruction. See the evidence >


What if you could do one thing that would transform both Math and ELD outcomes?

Academic language is critical for success with math content, reasoning, and modeling. So why not combine math learning and academic language learning into one Math+Language  program that delivers transformative results? Only Speak Agent has shown evidence of directly leading to both outcomes in a single implementation. See the evidence >


Unlock your multilingual students' Language strengths.

Content+Language℠ integration is key to supporting multilingual learners. A full-year study with more than 5,000 observations found that one hour per week of Speak Agent can be expected to significantly improve ELD assessment scores across all language domains on ACCESS for ELs. See the evidence >


Boost teaching effectiveness, not workload.

Speak Agent fits your curriculum and your day—without adding workload. It aligns to your content and language learning goals. It integrates with your lesson plans. It works for your schedules and technology, seamlessly connecting school, home, and virtual classrooms. How we save teachers time >

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Math+Language K-5

Develops math concept knowledge and communication skills with engaging storytelling and collaborative learning.
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Science+Language 6-8

Integrates academic language with physical and life sciences content such as biology, chemistry, ecology, and geology for middle grades.
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Math+Language 6-8

Builds math communication, algebraic thinking, geometric reasoning, modeling, and content knowledge through academic language practice, feedback, and problem-solving.
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Multilingual High School 

Our Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology, Geometry, and Physical Science courses are made specially for high school Newcomer, SIFE, and Multilingual learners—or any learner who needs additional support!
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