Speak Agent embeds real-time formative assessment into all games and activities. This feature gives you tools to view and export both individual and aggregate performance and vocabulary trend data. Exclusive to Speak Agent PRO.

Assess progress as students learn.

Academic Language Learning Model


Speak Agent's real-time formative assessment uses 10 different success measures for each word to support each student's unique learning pathway. It embeds formative assessment right into the learning games, so it doesn’t displace instructional time. There’s no explicit quizzing or testing period. Students just play and learn! 

Measure vocabulary growth trends.

Scrambled_Sentences_Placeholder.pngMeasure academic vocabulary growth by day, week, month, and year for each student, class, teacher, school, or system-wideSpeak Agent Reports measure academic vocabulary growth in English, STEM, social studies and other subjects throughout the year. It assesses multiple facets of concept knowledge so as to provide a confident picture of progress toward mastery. 

See progress toward mastery down to the word level.

Scrambled_Sentences_Placeholder.pngStudents learn new words in three stages: reading fluency, comprehension, and application. Speak Agent Reports tell you which stage of mastery each student has reached with each word. You can also view these data aggregated for all words in a lesson for all students assigned that lesson.

Gain actionable insights from real-time data.

Speak Agent constantly analyzes student responses and flags where a student needs help in real-time. The Reports tell you the specific trouble words and describe the specific challenges a student has with each word. You can also look at the class-level and see what trouble words many students have in common and who is having trouble with each word.