An effective, engaging, and scalable academic language learning solution didn't exist. So we created one!

Formative Research

The Speak Agent team, composed largely of former ELLs and educators with ELL/STEM teaching experience, spent years of research and development figuring out how to solve the academic language learning challenge. We teamed up with experts at WestEd, Digital Promise, and Teachers College, Columbia University to develop an engaging, personalized, game-based pedagogy with strong evidence of promise. The team integrated key educational insights from across disciplines and distilled them into a breakthrough pedagogy and implementation method that could be readily integrated into daily practice by teachers and students.

Academic language pedagogy development

Initial Findings

Speak Agent is the first evidence-based solution for academic language learning to deliver significant outcomes. An independent NSF study spanning SY2017-18 found that Speak Agent accelerated concept mastery by more than 200%. Our solution delivers results with just 15 to 30 minutes per week.